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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 2, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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ands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! right now at 5:00 the rain returns. we'll show you what it means here and when we might see more of it. and a major break in the case of a little girl from napa found dead in her home this weekend. also -- >> it's a tremendous loss because he is one of the great actors of our generation. >> award winning actor philip seymour hoffman died after an apparent drug overdose. thank s for joining us. we begin tonight with the rain. this was the biggest rainfall of the season. of course, it is not enough to put a dent in the drought situation. we have team coverage.
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we want to begin with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> speaking of the rainfall totals this is the most rain we have seen in the last couple of months. saratoga about a half an inch of rain. that was the exception to the rule. santa cruz about a half an inch of rain. getting close to an inch of rain at sfo airport. in the north bay getting over an inch through. look at the totals around half moon bay and spring valley, more than an inch of rain coming down. it was cold enoughi earlier to see pictures like this. as we see most moisture. around fremont you are seeing showers at times. and still offshore some thunder showers off the coast of half
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moon bay. the bigger picture does look more active. more opportunities for rain in the seven day forecast and possibly big-time snow producer for next weekend. we will talk more about that in the full forecast. >> of course, rain meant some headaches for people across the bay area. let's check in with stephanie. >> reporter: rob just said it some rain and we do have light drizzle out here. even though some you saw earlier bad backups up north along around here along 680 because of an accident so police are warning people to slow down. there was light drizzle and fog at the summitt in the santa cruz mountains this afternoon. moving to san jose earlier today there was a pretty good soaking. it seems almost everyone walking
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around was pretty prepared. and more umbrellas over in fremont where the rain didn't stop these people from going to the farmers market. we are in dire need of a lot more rain, not everyone is worried about the drought. >> this year a drought and the next year is fine. >> reporter: there is concern, however, with the water level at bay area reservoirs. here it is only 30% full. other numbers not a pretty picture. every time we get the wet weather chp warning to take extra precautions. today several crack downs. you will have extra patrols.
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take your time on the roads. live along 680. >> rain here means snow in the sier sierra. you can see traffic is slow. if you are heading that way or have family coming home chains are required over the summit right now on 80. they are not required on 50. we are following a developing story, a manhunt for a couple suspected of killing a 3-year-old girl ended. officers are questioning the two. the child's mother and boyfriend were arrested at the bart station around 11:00 this morning. yesterday police say they received an anonymous tip to do a welfare check. neighbors are in shock. >> unbelievable.
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yesterday not knowing -- we knew it was a crime scene but nobody knew exactly. we kind of put pieces together. the minute i found out and not only that, the reality hits when you see that poor little girl being carried in a body bag and put on a stretcher is the worse. i can't get it out of my mind. >> the girl's mother and boyfriend are under arrest and facing possible murder charges. we will have more tonight. police are searching for the gunman in a double homicide. police say the shooting happened just before 11:00 at 24th and market street. the two male victims were pronounced dead at the scene. police identified one victim who is a teenager but is not releasing his name. the other victim has not been identified. the victims bring oakland's homicide count to 11 this year. police in pinole are
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investigating the first homicide of the year. when they arrived they found the unconscious victim in the parking lot with gun shot wounds. he is described as a 30-year-old african-american man from richmond. and new at 5:00 firefighters called out to san jose neighborhood after propane tank exploded and started a fire at two homes. it happen around 11:00 this morning. firefighters say the fire grew to two alarms and spread to the home next door. pg&e crews were called to assess the damage. the cause remains under investigation. and counting down to the start of the winter olympics. opening ceremony set for friday. parts of sochi are still under construction. some hotels have turned away media members and others with
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olympic credentials because rooms are still being built. olympic organizers expect thousands more to arrive. >> good day to you. from here we can hear the rehearsals underway for the opening of the games. you can also see in places construction work still appears to be underway. and the international olympic committee says only 6 of the 9 media hotels up in the mountains are fully operational. prayers this morning for success for the olympics. the organizers need all the help they can get. with just days to go and $50 billion spent parts of sochi doont look quite prepared for primetime. some hotels loading in furniture but the mountains are ready and members of the american team can't wait to get going. >> it's awesome. there's a lot of snow.
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we road powder this morning and it was amazing. >> i would put the mountains here against anywhere in the world. >> reporter: down off the mountain team usa sport track speed skater was testing the ice. >> feeling really good about this. ju loving the atmosphere and energy. >> reporter: the count down is underway. hundreds of volunteers arriving. there is a lot of excitement here as well as the worries. the question is in the days to come as thousands more people arrive will they have somewhere to stay. the president of the ioc is reassuring people that there are troubles as always before olympics. we have more olympic updates on our website, all you have to do is click on the olympics tab on top of the page. we have photo galleries of our bay area olympians, as well. that's on
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a sudden death in the entertainment world. actor philip seymour hoffman was found dead in his new york city apartment this morning. a friend discovered hoffman on the bathroom floor of his greenwich village apartment. the 46-year-old actor struggled with drug abuse in the past. in 2005 he won an oscar for his role in "capote" and received three nominations. critics say he could play any kind of character. >> it's a tremendous loss because he is one of the great actors of our generation and of his generation. an amazingly versatile. i don't think there is anything he couldn't do. he did comedic roles, tragic roles and everything in between. he was set to star in a new show time comedy. fans here in the bay area are
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mourning hoffman's death. >> sad when anyone passes away. he has done a lot of great movies and given a lot of great performances. he is very sad. hopefully somebody will learn from this and change their habits and decide not to get on drugs. >> hoffman's family released a statement this afternoon thanking the public for outpouring of love and support. they said they were devastated by the sudden loss and asked for privacy. coming up next the race must go on. the south bay runners taking off in the middle of a little bit of rain. >> we don't have any proof that the governor said go and close the lanes. >> fallout from the bridge scandal with the presidential hopes on the line, how the office of new jersey's governor is fighting back.
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in case you hadn't heard it is new jersey's big day as host of that football game but the state's governor chris christie is getting a whole lot of attention this weekend on the sunday morning talk shows on the controversial closure of the george washington bridge, what christie knew about it and when. >> even while basking in the super bowl spot light new jersey governor chris christie was under a political cloud.
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his mixed reception at a pregame event came hours after a former ally claimed there is proof christie knew more. the letter from david wildstein doesn't say what that evidence might be and if it exists the democrat leading the state's investigation says he hasn't seen it. >> is the governor responsible for this? >> we don't have proof that the governor said go and close the lanes. >> chris christie stands behind this statement. >> i had no knowledge of this of the planning, execution or anything about it. >> in a message to supporters the governor's office is taking oim on the former port authority chief and his attorney saying david wildstein will do and say anything to save david wildstein. >> this is a lawyer writing for a man who wants someone else to
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pay legal bills. >> a governor whose reputation and presidential hopes are on the line. coming up next the rain did not stop runners in the stop bay this morning. it has become a super bowl tradition. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around, barbara ♪ forever i've been praying for a snack in my life ♪ ♪ and now i have a brownie ending all of my strife ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪
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it was a very wet morning for hundreds of people who came out to the super bowl sunday
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river run in san jose. they looked pretty happy. there were three events along the river. a 10 k, 5 k and 1 k kids run. despite the weather it was all smiles at the finish line. >> i was happy to get under the tent and out of the rain. >> it was pretty tough. the rain was coming down especially in the final stretch. i had my head down and running hard. pretty exciting for me. that was my first 5 k. >> well done. the idea behind the run is to offset all of that super bowl food while raising money. the nonprofit organization promotes the development and active use of the park. so that is very appropriate. we can see all of that rain. we are going to check in with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> that forecast from the east bay peninsula and south bay seeing showers outside. a little bit of clearing around oakland. you can see partly cloudy skies. 880 starting to dry out. we are still tracking a few more
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showers especially around fremont. 880 south of oakland we are seeing showers here along the coast. this is south of half moon bay. earlier we had a special marine warning twice today. dropping pretty big hail weakening across the coast. that moisture continues to spill over the mountains and dropping rain around palo alto and areas south. you are seeing showers and mainly just light rain left overin fremont. most of the action starting to drop into southern california. that will be the trend for the rest of the night as the action begins to move to the south and sets us up for the next part going from the one with the rain and the snow to one that could become a bit of a fog machine for us tomorrow morning. as the temperatures cool down to the dew point fog could be a
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likely problem in the wind sheltered valleys. we have to watch out for the fog and the temperatures very closely. watch what happens in the north bay. we will likely see lows in the low to mid 30s and colder wind sheltered valleyed. icy conditions could be possible on north bay roadways for the morning. use extra caution as the roads are wet. some wind sheltered valleys will dip into the low 30s. the other interesting part of the forecast is one that no longer looks dry for the most of the week. first we see a system come in for thursday that brings a chance of showers. next weekend we have a good strong cold front coming in. this time next weekend a more classic cold front. this one races right across northern california. this is a big snow producer. we are still seeing a little bit of snow in the high country. if this pattern holds next weekend we could be adding up
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snow by the foot. that is great news. if we can get that for next weekend. if you are eheading to the high country just couple more inches of snow coming down. things are looking better to see perhaps more snow. tomorrow more sunshine. a chilly start to the morning with 30s in the highs into the mid 50s and san francisco highs in the mid 50s. santa rosa patchy frost and fog. 54 for a high. mid 50s around east bay. seven day forecast on the bottom of the screen thursday a chance for showers. next weekend we are expecting the potential finally for heavy snow and more rain coming back to the bay area. >> sounds like a lovely forecast finally. we're learning about another delay in the plan to build an arena. the chronicle is reporting the team is putting off the goal of opening by at least a year. the latest hitch comes a day before opponents are expected to
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turn in about 15,000 signatures to get an initiative on the ballot. the initiative if passed would require developers to win voter approval before building anything that exceeds current height limits on the water front. the lease expires at the end of the 2016 season. speaking of sports henry is here with comcast sportsnet. there is one game going on but i'm sure we have lots of other important items going on in sports. >> absolutely super bowl xlviii. we are gogoing to talk to tim lincecum. first the big game rivalry between stanford and cal. it goes beyond the football field. we have the highlights to prove it as the womens hoop teams lace them up.
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welcome back. pavilion rocking after the cal men basketball team upset arizona, the number one team in the country. today cal's woman hoop team had similar plans hosting stanford ranked fourth in the nation. let's get to the highlights. a lot going on. busy weekend here in the east bay. the easy layup. stanford up ten at the break. jennifer brandon gets the bucket. cal lead cut to 11. but too much stanford. late in the game she had 29 points. stanford wins 79-64 to remain
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perfect in pac 12 play. >> the sharks took advantage of their off day by showing support for their families of our troops and veterans teaming up with defending the blue line. you see the team helped raise over $62,000 as part of the skate for the troops campaign. >> first ever skate for the troops here in san jose just tremendous support from the community and from the junior sharks. so really great fuchbd razor to help out local families. >> getting all of the hockey equipment and money raised from military kids is awesome. >> over to baseball. tim lincecum happy to be part of the black and orange but pitching is about the last thing on the giants pitcher mind. lincecum grew up in washington about 11 miles south of seattle. he made it known which team he is pulling for in super bowl xlviii. >> i feel like it is going to be
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a really good game. they have had a really good season and just being able to witness that and be a part of it just the same way you win as fans from the giants coming around the team when things start to go well. and just nice to see a city get an uplift like that. it is definitely nice. it is my hometown. >> they are good. they are proving it. so i think it is about staying humble and knowing how to win, i think our team knows how to do it. >> our team being the seahawks. >> i feel like that is our team. >> i have the seahawks watch on. >> i do. >> i love that. >> that is an instagram picture. >> definitely a die hard seahawks fan. right now tim lincecum is happy because seahawks are leading the allen denton broncos. right now seattle is up 22-0 at the half.
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diane will have complete highlights hopefully if the game is over at 6:00 if not definitely at 11:00. >> i figure we have a huge audience because of the blowout that everybody has pushed over at this point? >> they don't care about bruno mars. they want to see me and you. not even my family is watching me right now. i will tell the truth. >> i'm right there with you. we'll be right back. ♪ ho ho ho
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to get along with staten island chuck, they call him. he ended up dropping the rodent who fell on his head. chuck has had troubled history with new york city leaders and bit michaelal bloomberg five years ago. of a star. academy award winning actor philip seymour hoffman is dead tonight of an apparent heroin overdose. we'll look at a brilliant career and troubled life and the epidemic of heroin use sweeping this country. fighting back, as the super bowl is played in his home state tonight, governor chris christie's office takes aim to try to discredit the man accusing him of lying, as the bridge scandal deepens. early warning. children who gain too much weight when they're young have consequences later in life. and making the difference. the firefighter who went far beyond the call of duty meets the man he saved in the most unexpected way.


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